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Freelance writer, editor, and author Jake Poinier was in the process of finishing the first drafts of two books, “The Science, Art and Voodoo of Freelance Pricing and Getting Paid” and “Help! My Freelancers Are Driving Me Crazy: 12 Keys to Driving Loyalty and Results from Your Creative Workforce.” A post on the Burick Briefcase blog inspired him to create a book microsite for, and to choose Burick Communication Design to help him reach his goals for the new book launch.

BCD adapted the colors, typefaces, images and other elements to create a cohesive visual brand that matched the design of the books, and the SEO-optimized content reflected the essential keywords. Equally important was BCD’s development of two custom, interactive freelance rate calculators, which simplified readers’ ability to calculate their freelance hourly rates. The books are selling well and future updates to the site could include additional interactive content such as freelance rate calculators, sample giveaways, a blog, and videos.

Services Provided

> Project management

> Creative direction

> Conceptual design

> Graphic design

> Visual branding

> Responsive website design

> Content Management System (CMS)

> User experience (UX) design

> Analytics and evaluation

> Search engine optimization

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