Picasso and the Value of Creativity

I had dinner the other night with my long-time colleague, friend and copywriter extraordinaire, Jake Poinier, and his wife. We met at a local favorite, an intimate dining establishment in the Arcadia district of Phoenix called Chelsea’s Kitchen.

Art-i-Facts: Uncovering the Mysteries of Digital Acronyms

Do you know the difference between CMYK and RGB? Have you wondered what dpi and ppi mean? When to use EPS or PDF? PSD and PNG? As the digital world grows more complex, I’ve found that having a working knowledge key digital design and development language is essential to communicating with your team. 

What’s the Biggest Mistake Digital Marketers Make?

What’s the biggest mistake digital marketers make? Not realizing that we need time and patience to get the job done properly. For years, prior to joining Cable ONEas Director of Digital Media, I had the entire U.S. as my market–literally anyone with a Social Security number was a potential customer for my former employer, LifeLock.

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