What marketing problems are you trying to solve?

What marketing


are you trying to solve?

As a decision-making stakeholder, you’re tasked with the management and growth of your company’s brand image and message

You’re experiencing the tectonic shift in marketing’s expanding role and the fusion of sales and marketing silos — along with the integration of complex technology tools for adapting to the new customer journey, risk mitigation, budget control and driving results. Whew — that’s a tall order!

The team at Burick Communication Design understands the demands on your diverse group of company stakeholders. Equally important, we also recognize the factors involved in the choice to partner and collaborate with a visual branding/graphic design/website design agency. Finding the perfect blend of creative talent, business savvy and technology-based experience can be challenging — and critical to your success.

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Get the Guide. Beyond Killer Content—10 Ways to Leverage Design for Your B2B Inbound Marketing and Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Not getting the results you need from your inbound marketing and lead nurturing campaigns — despite providing great content?

This guide will help you discover how a powerful design strategy, image enhancements and selective visual mediums can unleash the effectiveness of your message.

Ready to solve your marketing challenges?

Your Challenge: Generating more leads for your sales team

Our Content Design Solution: Call-to-action (CTA) landing pages, email campaigns, sales-collateral materials and stunning visuals that support inbound content marketing, lead generation and nurturing campaigns

Your Challenge: Developing a visually compelling web presence

Our Responsive Website Design Solution: Website design (or redesign), microsites and interactive digital tools that educate, engage and delight prospects, converting them into customers

Your Challenge: Building brand awareness to establish greater credibility

Our Visual Branding Solution: Corporate identity design, branded content creation, visual social experiences, app design, post-production video, SlideShare and sales presentations, and social media content design

Your Challenge: Reaching your buyers with targeted campaigns, initiatives and event branding where design plays a critical role

Our Specialized Marketing Initiative Solution: Launch highly effective event and promotional campaigns with strategic, integrated graphic design and personalized web experiences

Your Challenge: Creating a clear and compelling visual brand story

Our Visual Storytelling Solution: Stand out and create emotional connections with visually distinctive stories and creative web and print design across all media

Your Challenge: Increasing the “wow-factor” of your content

Our Graphic Design Solution: Fresh, exciting and stunning photographic, illustrative, digital and special effect graphic design and imagery to stand out and increase conversions

Make your marketing more effective

Incredible visual branding and graphic design, distinctive creative for specialized marketing campaigns, and engaging, storytelling website design. Start creating user experiences that will make your customers smile.


About Us: Always Transforming

For Eileen and Bob Burick, creativity thrives at the intersection of endless possibilities and aesthetically pleasing business solutions

Eileen Burick

President & Creative Experience Officer

After a brief stint in a graphic design agency in college, Eileen Burick knew that her unique perspective, creative drive, and knack for connecting with people made entrepreneurship a natural fit. As president of Burick Communication Design, Eileen is energized by every aspect of the business—especially how to attract and retain customers for your organization with visually dynamic messages. During her downtime, she can most often be found enjoying the beauty of nature with family and friends, relaxing with a good book at the beach, or listening to classical and jazz music. Connect with Eileen on LinkedIn.

Bob Burick

Creative Director & Website Designer

Bob Burick built natural talents in drawing and photography into his early career in the print industry—but soon recognized that graphic design also tapped into his passion for digital technology and business. As a partner in Burick Communication Design, Bob blends big-picture and practical creativity, solving your business problems with a strategic arsenal of visual, brand, and communication tools and solutions. When it's time to recharge his creative batteries, he enjoys traveling and exploring new places, visiting art galleries and museums, and participating in outdoor activities such as sailing, bicycling, canoeing, and hiking. Follow us on Instagram.

Let’s work together to build your brand and get results

We’ll help you stand out and create emotional connections with visually distinctive stories and integrated web & print design across all media—because we’re dreamers, doers and champions of your business goals.

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